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Furniture Removal Backloading

If you are moving long distance it’s always a good idea to try and get a removal backload. A backload means that instead of driving an empty or half full truck to our next destination we can carry your furniture. As we are heading in that direction anyway our rates for removal backloads are always cheaper than a regular move. Even if you think your home removal is to an obscure location it could be on the way to a major city!

Lucky for you we are a NSW Coffs Harbour based removal business which is very central. We regularly have backloading available between Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Melbourne. We also often make trips to inland, especially to the Tamworth region.

We maintain the same high quality of service for all of our furniture removals, whether they are backloads, combined loads or a local Coffs Harbour removal. The only thing you might need to consider when looking for a backload is that you will be more likely to find one if you are flexible about your moving date.

How can I find out about available removal backloading?

  • Contact us online using our contact form or quote request. We will get back to you with with available backloading dates and a quote within 24 hours.
  • Call and chat to us on 0466 532 345.
  • Keep an eye on our facebook, twitter and google+ pages for updates on our available removal backloads.

Even if we don’t have a backload available right now we will do our best to look for another furniture removal in your direction.

Coffs Harbour Furniture Removal Backloading

As we are a local Coffs Harbour business a majority of our furniture removals are from or to the Coffs Harbour area. So we should almost always have backloading available for any long distance Coffs Harbour removals.

If you are looking for a local Coffs Harbour removal we charge a low hourly rate so you only pay for the service you use. For more information go to our Coffs Harbour Removals page or fill in our itinerary form for an online quotation.

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